Heritage Day

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Heritage Day Schedule

The Show Bus will be available all day during the event to shuttle people between sites. A specific route with designated stops will be followed, and the bus will remain at each stop for 10 minutes. You will be able to get on or off the bus at any of the stops. There is no charge for this service.

  • Specific Time Events

    • 12:00    Opening Ceremony at the Library
    • 12:30    Theatiki Fife & Drum Corps on E. Washington Street
    • 12:45     Preston Lambert in front of Off the Vine (until 2:30)
    • 1:00     “Mrs. Lincoln” at Little Red School House
    • 1:00     Downtown Walking Tour begins at Main Street Building
    • 1:30     Theatiki Fife & Drum Corps on Island Park
    • 1:45     “Mrs. Lincoln” at Little Red School House
    • 2:00     “Music of the 1940’s” at the Farm Museum
    • 2:15     “Mrs. Lincoln” at Little Red School House
    • 2:30     Eliana Weston in front of Off the Vine (until 4:30)
    • 2:45     “Mrs. Lincoln” at Little Red School House
    • 3:00     Phil Angelo at Main Street Building
    • 3:15     “Mrs. Lincoln” at Little Red School House
    • 3:45     “Mrs. Lincoln” at Little Red School House
    • All (or Partial) Day Events

      • 12:30-2:30    Horse & Carriage rides from E. River Street Parking Lot
      • 12:30-4:00    Our Savior Lutheran Church Bake Sale & Quilt Show
      • 12:30-4:00    Silhouette Artist and building tours at the Library
      • 12:30-4:00    St. Patrick’s Church Open House
      • 1:00-4:00      Amazing Moments Photo Booth at Graham House
      • 1:00-5:00      Main Street Momence Open House
      • 12:30-5:30    Kevin McNulty – local historian – at Momence Depot
      • 12:30-5:30    "Abe Lincoln" at various sites
      • 12:30-5:30    Civil War soldiers at Soldier’s Monument in Lions Park
      • 12:30-5:30    Street Vendors on E. Washington Street
      • 12:30-5:30    Stanford’s Battery Civil War Living History at Island Park
      • 12:30-5:30    Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd Open House
      • 12:30-5:30    Heritage Hall Historians at City Hall
      • 12:30-5:30    "Pioneer Life" featuring a blacksmith at Pioneer Cabin in Conrad Park
      • 12:30-5:30    Cricket games at Conrad Park


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